About Us


Pressmen Ltd. specializes in providing software quality services and enterprise application management services to SME’s and to large multinational companies. The company based in Budapest has circa 70 highly skilled people experienced in test design, functional testing, mobile testing and test automation; as well as in application discovery, packaging, software distribution and image management.

We also have a presence in Ireland and the UK through our partner AppsNet Ltd. – http://appsnet.ie/

The company was established in 1994 with just a handful of employees today we have more than 70 engineers highly skilled in software testing and in enterprise application management services.  Pressmen was awarded ISTQB Gold partner title in 2017.


  • 14+ years of experience in Software Migration/Transformation business
  • 50+ Customers around the world
  • Effective support system rationalized by experience


  • Detailed process with pre-defined workflow templates
  • Continuous inhouse training courses to acquire new technologies and certificates
  • Tracking Tools
  • Knowledge Base sharepoint sites


Pressmen’s primary business model is as a subcontractor to large international IT companies. Nevertheless, we are capable of serving end-users directly whenever this is required.
The company assigns engineers based on a fixed daily rate or provides Application Management Services and charges a price based on technology used and complexity of the task per request, FTE (full-time equivalent) or T+M (Time and material) pricing is applied depending on your preference.

Our Test engineers can work onsite closely with the customer’s staff or provide remote testing depends on the project needs. The team has vast experience in the traditional Waterfall and in Agile (Scrum) testing methodologies.

In case of software management services the required work can be a migration project, or following a migration project a business as usual discovery and/or a packaging contract can be signed. This is dictated by the customer’s requirements.

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